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Migration to Ireland

Following are the options to migrate to Ireland -

Third Level Graduate Scheme

The Third Level Graduate Scheme is designed to allow foreign graduates from outside the European Economic Area who acquired a primary, masters or doctorate degree from an Irish third level educational institution to remain in Ireland for six months after receipt of their examination results.

The six month period will allow them to seek employment, and if successful and appropriate, apply for a Work Permit or Green Card Permit.

The applicant will receive one non-renewable extension to their current student permission for a six month period starting on the date the applicant receives their exam results.

Green Card Permit Scheme

A Green Card Permit is an employment permit issued to a person which allows the individual to work in Ireland with the specified employer in an occupation where skills shortages exist. It is issued for an initial period of two years, after which it can normally be renewed indefinitely. A job offer with a bona-fide company registered for trading in Ireland is required.

The permit allows an individual to apply for immediate family reunification and time spent under the permit can count towards permanent residency.There is no need for a labour market assessment test prior to applying for the permit.

Work Permit Scheme

The Work Permit Scheme is for issuance of work permits for occupations with a salary of EUR 30,000 a year or more where Green Card Permits are not available. In very limited circumstances, they can be issued for salary ranges below EUR 30,000 a year.

The work permit can be issued to the applicant for the occupation specified on the permit. It is issued for an initial period of two years and can be renewed for a further three years. The work permit can be issued indefinitely after a period of five years.

Spouse and Dependent Permit Scheme

Spouses and Dependents of employment permit holders are now allowed to apply for work permits without a labour market needs test . This scheme is designed to ease access to employment for spouses and dependent unmarried children under the age of 18 who have been admitted into Ireland as family members of employment permit holders



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